Misspelling Brings Taxidermy Back to Life


A former taxidermist is turning people away at the door as he turns butcher to brewer.

Gary Beaver had been a taxidermist for 16 years before he was about to close up shop for the last time until a final order came in. Opening the email order for Ms Hills, the unfortunate patron had typed Stout instead of Stoat.

“My bank was in the red and this glimmer of hope came in with the order. I couldn’t turn away just because of a simple typo so i learnt to brew. I swiftly started reading the internet, getting every source of knowledge i could. From Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia, I was now confident enough to produce a Sweet Imperial Stout with Maple Bacon.”

Turning to the local branch, Mr Beaver was able to secure a bank loan to purchase a 6 barrel production brewery with a state of the art canning line to support his expected through put of 1000 cans an hour.


A bank spokesman from MMS adds, “Brewing is hot shit, Dam, we want some of that coin”.

As Mr Beaver waits for his equipment to be delivered he continues to turn people away from his door. We have high hopes that Ms Hills will be displaying her Stout on the mantle next to her Hawk and Weasel collection, hopefully before the crippling debt catches Mr Beaver. We have high hopes that Jim will be stuffing belly’s soon, with beer rather than a dense rigid foam.

Beaver Brews est 2018 by founder Jim Beaver and the bank of More, Money and Sense. 


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