Caskaway – The Musical


The team of The Tubby Theater move to their latest production, Caskaway – The Musical. The story of Clive, a Postman from Stoke being stranded alone on the Isle of Eigg. The songs support his struggle to survive alone, naked, and producing a Cask Conditioned beer on this small Island.

“I’m the longest serving member of the Theater group so i got the role.” Bryan Teacher smugly says. “I relish in the role, I’ve spend years drinking beer so why not sing about it to packed audience whilst naked”

Songs featured within the show detail every step of the beer production, with lighthearted moments of dancing yeast, CO2 being blasted at the crowds, a beer foam party, but the play is also littered with junctures of despair. Clive dreams of Scampi Fries and occasionally of his family he left behind due to tax fraud.

“Once the 3 hour Barrage of Songs, Sand and Sultriness are concluded, off to the bar, the real money maker” Art Director and Sponsor Jack Spa states.

Fist First Fermentation sponsors of the show, are producing a Beer to mark the occasion.

“We are following the techniques sang in the show as closely as they can”,” A Spoon full of sugar helps the Cask Conditioning begin…..” and “Agadoo do do push pineapple, shake the yeasty”

Fist First Fermentation Production Manager Sam adds;

“The main hurdle for the brewing team was the nudity; health and safety is important to the team, but so is profit. Then we had to tackle the sand, every nook and cranny gets a good dusting, from elbow to arse. At the end of the day we have a product to sell and that is what is important here. “


Reviewing this gritty beer for No Holds Beard is Sam, the Production Manager from Fist First Fermentation.

“I think this yellow coloured, fizzy and gritty beer is great, and you don’t need to pay me to say that, they are but that’s not the point. It really is drinkable. I’d have to say my favourite moments from the show is Bryan rendition of Wishing on a Beer and making his own keg from a canoe, which he choose not to use for the trip home and out of dispair. 5 Star all round, that’s 1 for the show and 4 for the beer, ha ha ha, Cheers – Cha Ching

The Tubby Theater Group est 2001 have had previous success with The Phantom of the Oprah after a misprinted flyer turned into a hit show. 

Tickets go on sale for £7.86 in May at the foyer of the Tubby Theater, poncho and bar snacks are recommended for the performance. 


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