Beer Festival – Man in Crowd, Claims it wasn’t him.


Attending the North West Regional Beer Festival, thousands pour through the door for the rich beer and even richer meat within this festival. The room is a positive gaggle of gents with bellies bursting from the nectar of the gods.


Each pint quaffed at an ever increasing rate. From american hopped IPA’s to the fruited Wheat Beers of Germany, the list was almost endless at 52 beers.

However things turn sour as something moves through the crowd, a stony smug gaze comes from William Flanker (43).


“It wasn’t me” William from Hull expels to his dwindling friends that surrounded him. “Promise..”

The sulfur smell had broken the trust and the senses of his friends, he was then swiftly bundled into a taxi and told “to think about what he did”. 

Remember to drink responsibly and a hidden fart could really be a shart. 



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