The Worlds Best Yorkshire Pudding – is a Pint?


Yorkshire puddings are a stable in the county of its namesake. May it be on the side of the traditional Sunday roast or encasing sausage and mash. These battered beauties often steal the show.


Ey up, I’ll ‘ave two, fair chuffed t’bits wi tis spread” Alister Frantron (27) shouts across the Sunday pub-goers, “GRAVY

We have dropped in to local pub to see the opinion of some publicans to find out more about these savoury puddings.

I ‘ave tem every day” as Alister orders another helping of the puffed puddings.

Beer Server Jackie Hills added “I’ve been pulling pints for over a decade and never had a thrill like this


However, could things be changing for the better with brewers Pitch York Brewing latest offering. The Yorkshire Pudding Pint, the first of its kind.


Yorkshire Pint

Following the tradition of the Pastry Stouts of America, this golden ale is encased in a Yorkshire pudding. Like the ice cream cone, this edible pint tempers the drunkenness as it fills your stomach. The beer itself features a beefy back note in a golden body that compliments the lard fried utensil to its fullest.

“Why have a pint, when a pudding will do” a spokesman from the brewery giving comments.

Hear Hear to the folks at Pitch York, we can’t wait to see your puddings being pulled in every pub.

Pitch York Brewing est 2016 to foundering members Harry Jim York and Jim Harry Pitch. The brothers from different mothers, share the same father and a love for brewing. They have been winning awards for there beer since day one. 


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